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          The rapid rise of science and technology not only promotes the transformation of many traditional industries, but also stimulates the development of many emerging industries. Today, the landlord wants to talk with you, but the manufacturing industry generally adopts this high-tech way - laser cutting.
          On the basis of market analysis report, in 2018, the practical rate of laser cutting operation of metal fiber in China has exceeded 75%, which is higher than that of other machining machines. The laser cutting groove of materials is smooth and flat. There is no other laser cutting sequence to solve this problem. It reduces the deepening of labor cost and processing cost, reduces various processing stages, is faster, cost-effective, and greatly improves productivity.
          Compared with optical fiber laser cutting and traditional laser cutting methods, not only the price is cheap, the consumption is low, and there is no mechanical stress on the shaft parts, so the laser cutting products have good effect, good precision and laser cutting speed, and also have the characteristics of simple maintenance. In recent years, the rise of fiber laser cutting is very rapid. It has gradually replaced the folk technology and become a trend of machining and manufacturing.
          Because laser cutting has different processing advantages, the production cost range is reduced, and a variety of flexible payment methods are integrated together. Now many sheet metal processing enterprises, cabinet manufacturing industry and auto parts processing enterprises apply fiber laser cutting.
          Under the premise of China's leading position in technology, the cutting quality, function and profits of high-power fiber laser cutting have improved a lot. In China, many manufacturing industries have been widely used, high-power fiber laser cutting vertical laser cutting, stamping, cutting, engraving, and other processing of all characteristics conversion laser cutting requirements. The computer system can control the drawing of notebook at will, and can carry out laser cutting in various modes, which is easy to operate.
          We have accumulated more than ten years of experience in the development and application of fiber laser cutting. We are a famous manufacturer of particle beam laser cutting in China. A variety of fiber laser cutting machines have been developed, which have the advantages of high precision, high speed and high cost performance, and are called "fighter in cutting machine".