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          Plasma cutting is to use the high temperature and high speed heat of plasma arc to melt (vaporize) the metal parts or parts at the incision of workpiece, and blow out the melted metal with high speed air flow. Plasma cutting speed, small deformation, but in cutting thick plates, there will be slope.
          Compared with laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine has the advantages of low price, can achieve the required cutting effect range, and purchase plasma cutting machine can greatly save costs. The core component of plasma is the power supply of plasma. The price of a plasma can account for 50% to 70% of the power supply, which is the main component.
          The domestic power supply is generally lower than the import price. People are looking for the American Haibao plasma power supply. In fact, the price of Haibao is not very high. China is very convenient here, some manufacturers do well.
          Laser cutting machine:
          Why is laser so hot now? What do you think of laser before? It's expensive. I can't even imagine that any machine needs millions of RMB. The money at that time was worth more than it is now. The laser cutting machine, a high-end direct mail product, is available to local tyrants.
          But now the laser can become a variety of processing plants, large and small, because it has cut prices. Now the price of laser cutting machine in the market should only be about 30% to 60% of the previous price. This series of price cuts, let it spread slowly. But even so, it is still more expensive than plasma cutting machine. But the advantages of laser are also obvious, the faster the cutting speed, the higher the accuracy, the better the cutting quality.